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Small Foundations, Outsized Impact

In a project commissioned by the Burns Memorial Fund, Mindset Social Innovation, and Philanthropic Foundations Canada, interviews were conducted with representatives from three Canadian foundations to explore their approach with ‘outsized impact.’

The following document serves as a source of learning for philanthropic organizations that are seeking to achieve systems change. Click on the image below for more information.


Vulnerable Youth Investment Strategy

The Burns Memorial Fund and United Way are pleased to announce the new Vulnerable Youth Strategy Resource Page. The strategy is a collaboration with community service providers to improve peer, family and adult social supports for youth (15-24) who struggle to transition successfully to adulthood.

This work is being carried out in two phases, the objectives and learning of which is shared below as resources for reference and application by youth-serving agencies and workers. Together, we can better support vulnerable youth to build on their potential. For more information and links to resource documents, click on the image below.


 Better Together – A Guide for Charity/Non-Charity Partnerships

The Better Together handbook helps registered charities and non-charities how to partner together for maximum impact. Learn about best practices, liability and legal considerations, how to choose a partner, example agreements and more. The handbook is now available to view online.





Created as a trust by Senator Patrick Burns…

Burns Memorial Fund (BMF) works to enhance the education, health and well-being of young Calgarians.

Senator Burns was a prominent businessman and philanthropist who passed away in 1937. He left his legacy to the children of Calgary. Today, BMF carries on his work through three main funds that each have their own granting programs. For more information on the grants provided through these funds, check out the programs here.