How You Can Help

Hands1Burns Memorial Fund provides direct and practical assistance to Calgary’s children. Although we are fortunate to receive revenue from Senator Patrick Burns’ estate, the needs we address in the community are many and the demands for our support have surpassed the resources available from the trust.

All donations given to the Children’s Fund go directly to children in need to assist with such costs as school fees and supplies, tutoring, orthodontic and dental treatment, special health needs and recreation fees. By contributing to Burns Memorial Fund, you are ensuring that Senator Patrick Burns’ memory and spirit live on. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • By phone: 403-234-9396
  • By mail (please make cheques payable to Burns Memorial Fund):
    Burns Memorial Fund
    Kahanoff Centre
    1120, 105 12 Avenue SE
    Calgary, AB  T2G 1A1
  • Online: