Granting Programs

Senator BurnsBurns Memorial Fund is responsible for the Children’s Fund (a private charitable foundation which supports low-income families and charitable organizations working with children) and the Police and Fire Funds (two non-profit trusts focused on the children of police officers and fire fighters).

These Funds are a gift from Senator Patrick Burns to Calgary’s citizens. For more information on the grants provided through each Fund, check out the following links:

  • Children’s Fund – High School Students, Community Organization Grants, Families Moving Forward, Oral Health Program, Watson Family Foundation Fund
  • The Fire Fund – Post Secondary Grants, Special Needs Grants
  • The Police Fund – Post Secondary Grants, Special Needs Grants

Burns Memorial Fund also distributes funds on behalf of other collaborations including: Campbell McLaurin Foundation For Hearing Deficiencies, the Collaborative Funders’ Table, and Enough for All.