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Honourable Colin Campbell McLaurin

The Campbell McLaurin Foundation for Hearing Deficiencies was established based on the wishes and bequests of the Honourable Colin Campbell McLaurin, former Chief Justice of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Alberta. He was appointed to Alberta’s Supreme Court in 1942 and named Chief Justice of the Trial Division in 1952. He retired in 1968. From 1966 to 1970 he served as the first Chancellor of the University of Calgary.

Chief Justice McLaurin had a hearing loss in his later years. His will directed that a Foundation be funded by his estate that would enhance the lives of individuals with hearing deficiencies. The Campbell McLaurin Foundation grants financial support to individuals for the provision of medical treatment or equipment that will assist with a hearing deficiency. Typical requests are for financial assistance to purchase hearing aids and alerting devices.

Burns Memorial Fund administers the grants to individuals on behalf of the Campbell McLaurin Foundation.

How to Apply

The Campbell McLaurin Foundation was set up to assist individuals with hearing deficiencies.To apply for funding, please contact the Campbell McLaurin Foundation staff. In order to qualify for assistance, all applicants must:

  1. Have been a resident of Southern Alberta for at least one year.
  2. Demonstrate that personal or applicable government funds are inadequate.

Assistance may be granted after a review of the request and the financial limitations of the applicant.

Deadline for Applications: None; process is on-going.

Download Application:

Application Form (DOC)
Application Form (PDF)

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