Community Organization Grants

Burns Memorial Fund provides grants to Calgary organizations working with low-income children and youth in the areas of health, education and recreation. Applicants must be registered charities working in Calgary.  Funded programs must align with at least one of the following goals:


Each child is healthy, safe and has access to optimal health care.


Each child is ready for school, experiences success in school and graduates.


Each child has the opportunity to participate in recreational activities which help them to discover their talents and develop their full potential.


There are two streams in the Community Grants program. Organizations can submit applications to both streams.


1. Project Grants

Project grants are intended to support time-limited projects, seed or start-up activities, capital costs, one-time program costs, capacity-building or other similar endeavours. Grants are not multi-year and cannot be used to cover ongoing program costs.

Funded programs must align with at least one of the goals outlined above and must assist Calgary children under 21 years of age who encounter barriers due to lack of resources.

Burns Memorial Fund is interested in a natural supports approach, which connects youth with positive family, community and peer relationships. Although a natural supports approach is not mandatory in this granting stream, preference will be given to organizations working from this perspective.  For more information, please see Working with Vulnerable Youth to Enhance Natural Supports: A Practice Framework.

Project grants will not exceed $15,000. The average grant will be in the $10,000 range. The grant deadline is May 1, yearly. Grant decisions will usually be made within ten weeks of the application deadline. The grant application can be downloaded below:

Before submitting an application, applicants MUST discuss their proposed project with Michelle Clarke, Executive Director at 403-234-9396 ext. 4 or


2. Multi-year grants focused on a natural supports approachFamily2

In 2017, three multi-year grants will be awarded to assist with the operational costs of organizations implementing a natural supports approach in their work with vulnerable youth.

While a growing body of research clearly demonstrates the connection between positive natural supports (family, community and peer relationships) and healthy youth development, the practice of helping youth to identify, strengthen and extend their natural supports lags far behind. This funding is intended to help address that gap.

For more information on the natural supports approach and how it can be implemented in a youth-serving practice, please see Working with Vulnerable Youth to Enhance Natural Supports: A Practice Framework.

We anticipate that each grant will be in the $50,000 to $60,000 per year range, and will be awarded for a three-year period. (For example, one multi-year grant may total $150,000 over three years.) Operational costs can include the training, supervision and administrative expenses related to implementing a natural supports approach.

As the grants will be multi-year commitments, this opportunity will not be available every year. More information on the granting criteria and application process will be available on this website by the end of June, with a mid-September deadline.


For further information on the Community Grants program, please contact:

Michelle Clarke, Executive Director
403-234-9396 ext. 4