Children’s Fund: FAQ

Children’s Fund General Questions:

What is the Children’s Fund?
In support of equal opportunities for all children, Burns Memorial Children’s Fund works to meet the health, education and recreation needs of children living in low-income situations.


Who does Burns Memorial Children’s Fund help?

Burns Memorial Children’s Fund focuses on:

  • Low-income families
  • High school students close to graduation in financial need
  • Registered charitable organizations working with low-income children

If you fit into any of those categories, you may be eligible for funding.


What are the Children’s Fund’s programs?


High School Students

What funding opportunities are available for high school students through Burns Memorial Fund?
Burns Memorial Children’s Fund provides bursaries, scholarships, and diploma preparation funding for students in financial need.


Am I eligible to apply?
If you are a high school student within two semesters of graduation, and in financial need, you may be eligible for funding. For more information, visit the High School Students page.


If I receive bursary funding am I still eligible to apply for the Senator Patrick Burns Legacy Scholarship?


What is the deadline for applications?

  • High School Bursary: On-going.
  • Diploma Preparation: On-going, but give consideration to the start date of your desired program.
  • Scholarships: End of February of each year.


How much will I receive?

  • High School Bursary: Depends on the circumstances.
  • Diploma Preparation: Depends on the desired/referred course.
  • Scholarships: Award amounts vary each year.


Community Organization Grants

How do I apply?
All applicants are asked to contact the Executive Director, Michelle Clarke, prior to making an application. Phone number: (403) 234-9396, ext. 4 or Email:


How much money would my organization receive?
Project grants are in the $10,000 range and will not exceed $15,000. For multi-year grants, individual grants will not exceed $60,000 per year and will be awarded over a three-year period.


Which organizations have received grants in the past?
Visit the recipients page to view the grant recipients.


When is the deadline?
Please visit the main program page for all upcoming deadlines.


Low-income family grants

I want to receive your Families Moving Forward funding. What do I do?

You must be involved with one of our partnering agencies for at least six months to receive funding and you must be referred through that agency. We do not take direct applications for this program.


I’m only looking for a small grant to purchase things like clothes for my children. Can you provide that?
We have discontinued the Family Grants program which used to give out small monetary grants to families. Our links page has a list of organizations that may be able to assist you.


Are you still looking for partnering agencies for the Families Moving Forward program?
Not at this time.


Is there an age limit for the children assisted?
Younger than 21 years old.


How long must I have lived in Calgary before I receive funding?

At least six months.


I have a special needs child. Can Burns Memorial Fund help me?
The Watson Family Foundation at the Calgary Foundation have made it possible for Burns Memorial Fund to provide grants to families with children with special needs. Please call our office, (403) 234-9396o or visit the Watson Family Foundation: Special Needs page for more details.


I can’t afford dental care for my children. What can I do?
You may be eligible for funding through our Oral Health Program. Call (403) 234-9396 our office or visit the Oral Health Program page for more details.