Oral Health Program

The Oral Health program has two components: orthodontics and dental treatment. Families may self-refer or they can be referred by health care professionals and community agencies.

If you have any questions, take a look at the Frequently Asked QuestionsFor more information about this program, please email Portia, Communications & Grants Coordinator, or call at 403-234-9396 ext. 5.


Boy1Burns Memorial Fund is able to assist 6-10 children per year with the cost of their orthodontic treatment. Free screenings are offered to determine those children in highest orthodontic need. In order to be placed on the list to attend an orthodontic screening, families must have their dentist or orthodontist complete our pre-screening referral form (see below) and have it forwarded to our office. Those children identified as having the most severe orthodontic need must also indicate family financial need.

Download Application:

Orthodontic Referral Form (DOC)
Orthodontic Referral Form (PDF)



ToothpasteFunding is available to assist children in low-income situations with dental care needs that are not covered by Alberta Child Health Benefits or private insurance (i.e. certain surgeries and procedures). We provide aid to children with urgent or significant dental issues, and not for regular check-ups. Please send the completed application form (see below) to our office with the child’s dental estimate attached. BMF is able to consider up to $2000 per family in dental requests within a three year period.

Download Application:

Dental Application Form (DOC)
Dental Application Form (PDF)