Police & Fire Fund: FAQ

What are the Police and Fire Funds?

The Police and Fire Funds are non-profit trusts set up through an endowment by Senator Patrick Burns. They are intended to support the educational needs of the children of police officers and firefighters.

What grants are available through the Police and Fire Funds?

Burns Memorial Fund will assist with post-secondary educational expenses for the children of Calgary police officers and firefighters. We will also provide grants for children of Calgary police officers and firefighters who need special educational assistance to reduce the barrier of a severe learning disability or severe impediment.

Am I eligible for funding?

Grants are available for any child of serving, retired (or deceased) police officers and firefighters. Children of blended families are also eligible if the Calgary police officer or firefighter can show financial responsibility for a minimum of three years prior to the child’s 18th birthday. In the case of a step-parent/child relationship, the police officer must currently reside with the natural parent of the child and continue to act in the role of step-parent. Applications from grandchildren or other family members cannot be considered.

When are the application deadlines?

  • Post-secondary scholarship grants: June 30, yearly.
  • Special needs grants: Between July 1 and December 31 of the current school year. For example, to obtain funding for the 2017-2018 school year, you must apply by December 31, 2017

How much is the scholarship amount?
Scholarship award amounts for both Police and Fire are $1,000 per recipient.

I was approved for funding this year and I am in a multi-year program. Will my scholarship automatically cover the whole program or must I re-apply each year?
You must re-apply each year by June 30.

I have received four years of funding and plan to go on to a graduate program. Am I eligible for more funding?
No, funding is available for a maximum of four years.

Isn’t this funding part of a benefits package given to police officers and firefighters?
Burns Memorial Police and Fire Funds are funded completely and solely by Senator Patrick Burns’ estate. The funding is not part of an employee benefits package and police officers and firefighters do not make financial contributions to the Funds. These grants are gifts from the estate to the families of firefighters and police officers.

I was approved for the scholarship but decided not to go to school. What should I do?
Please inform us immediately if you do not attend school after receiving funding.

I heard that scholarships have been given to children whose parents are not part of the police force or fire department. Why?
There are three components of Burns Memorial Fund: The Children’s Fund, the Police Fund, and the Fire Fund. The Police and Fire Funds are separate from the Children’s Fund, and have separate budgets for granting. All three Funds have scholarship opportunities available.

Both my parents are police officers and/or firefighters. Does this mean I get two scholarships?
No. Only one scholarship is given per child.

I missed the deadline, can you still give me the scholarship?
No. After the application deadline of June 30, funding is not available for late applicants.

Did you get my application?
You will get an email confirmation at the email address that you provide on your application.

Can I donate to the Police or Fire Funds?
Yes, but since the Funds are trusts, not registered charities, you will not receive a tax receipt.