What We Do

Burns Memorial Fund is the gift of Senator Patrick Burns–a successful rancher, businessman and philanthropist. Senator Burns was an active citizen of Calgary, contributing to the development of many of the city’s institutions and charities. He passed away in 1937, leaving this legacy for the children of Calgary.

Today, Burns Memorial Fund administers its own programs to provide financial assistance to children, youth, and their families. The Burns Fund also allocates funding to Calgary-based charities working with vulnerable children and youth; and participates in community-wide collaborations intended to address the systemic issues which negatively impact low-income individuals.

Burns Memorial Fund is guided by the following mission statement:


Honouring the legacy of Senator Patrick Burns, we work to ensure that each child in Calgary reaches their full potential. By investing resources in the areas of education, health and well-being, we build a strong community for our children and youth.


Granting Programs

Burns Memorial Fund is responsible for the Children’s Fund (a private charitable foundation which supports low-income families and charitable organizations working with children) and the Police and Fire Fund (two non-profit trusts focused on the children of police officers and fire fighters).

These Funds are a gift from Senator Patrick Burns to Calgary’s citizens. For more information on the grants provided through each Fund, please visit the following pages:

  • Children’s Fund – Community Organization Grants, Families Moving Forward, High School Students, Oral Health Program, Watson Family Foundation Fund
  • Fire Fund – Post Secondary Grants, Special Needs Grants
  • Police Fund – Post Secondary Grants, Special Needs Grants


Partnerships & Collaborations

Under the Children’s Fund, Burns Memorial Fund distributes funds on behalf of other collaborations and is active in a number of partnerships within the community. Below are some of the initiatives the Burns Fund has been involved with:



Messages from our Recipients


“We couldn’t do it without this program.  We felt like we have family here supporting us and bringing joy and happiness and relieving many burdens related to the immigration/settlement experience.  You made our first three years much easier and from there we are moving forward.”

–       FMF client


“Without help from the Burns Memorial Fund, I do not know how I could have paid for my daughter’s dentistry.  Her pain is gone, her teeth were fixed in one session and she is not afraid to go back to the dentist!  We appreciate your help for those of us who may otherwise fall through the cracks and be left unable to help our children.” 

–       Oral Health grant recipient


“The aid provided by the Burns organization reached me at a critical point in my education and had a tremendous impact on me to continue pursuing that educated life.  It helped me concentrate on school and not worry about many of the financial challenges my family was facing.”

–       High School Bursary student